Private Sector Consulting:

This includes: Management Consulting, Financial Consulting, Transactions and Restructuring.

Public Sector Consulting

This includes: Development strategies, Public Policies, Studies and impact assessments, Improving the performance of public organizations, Management of projects and programs, Privatization and Public-Private Partnerships (PPP)

Private Sector Consulting:

Management Consulting:

  • Strategy and Operations:

    Through the services that we provide, we support companies’development by assisting the management in order to identify optimal ways for growth within an economic context characterized by volatility and uncertainty. We provide technical assistance for the entire range of company activities (operational management, financial management, human resources management, environmental management, energy efficiency management, commercial and marketing management) in order to reduce costs and increase profitability.

  • Market analysis:

    Increasing income is a major and permanent goal for the company management. We provide consultancy services for market studies designed to highlight trends and determine possible strategic guidance and market positioning for companies.


  • Information and Communication Technology:

    Technical support services for organizing the ICT activity within a company so as to support the company’s development strategy and optimize the allocation of human, financial and material resources of the company. Also, ensuring cyber security represents a vital requirement for proper functioning of a company. We work with acknowledged experts in combating cyber risks and threats.

  • Risk management

    The current political and economic context is characterized by a period of strong turbulences which increases the difficulty of rigorous estimations. Companies must always be prepared to face various risks – sharp rise of raw materials prices, interruption of electricity supply or bank interest sudden increase simultaneously with a narrowing of the financing offer.

Financial Consulting:

  • Rapid assessment of all available funding opportunities (including non-refundable public financing);

  • Proposals through which the maximum financial refundable/non-refundable support can be achieved;

  • High-level expertise for developing quality projects, including financial modeling;

  • Professional assistance during project implementation, including public procurement (services / supplies / papers);

  • Consultancy to obtain necessary permits.

Financial Consulting 2:

  • Maintaining relationship with management authorities during project assessment (response to any requests for clarification from thereof);

  • Economic consulting during implementation, project management;

  • Consultancy on project life cycle management through regular and comprehensive monitoring of resources, objectives and results.

  • Consultancy on preparing application payment folder in order to recover the invested money;

Financial Consulting 3

  • Consultancy and assistance in preparing the financing application folder (completing the Financing Application Form, execution of the Feasibility Study, designing Business plan and Marketing strategy, drafting financial projections and economic in a realistic and fair manner, identifying and preparing documents attached to financing application form,  support for execution of technological flows, of appropriate data sheets to obtain permits and authorizations required by the granting authority, etc.), both in terms of accessing funding from the Structural Funds and in terms of financing through credit.

  • Support for signing the contract with the financing institution;

Transactions and Restructuring:

  • We assess together with you the capital requirements and provide specialized assistance in sale / purchase of shares / assets.

Transactions and Restructuring 2:

  • We work together with you in order to determine the best option for financing your business in a particular, political and economic context. Through our communication channels we establish contact with investors interested in your type of business and open negotiations regarding sale / purchase of shares / assets or establish a joint venture.

Transactions and Restructuring 3:

  • We conduct due diligence on companies, we manage multidisciplinary project teams, draft reports from which to result the opportunity of acquiring or the necessity of total / partial selling.

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Public Sector Consulting

  • Development strategies

    We address both to local and central authorities and we support their efforts to attract grants funding through technical assistance services in order to design development strategies meant to capitalize, in an efficient and optimal manner, the exploit of human and material resources of the country and / or local communities. We organize and conduct public debates, the consensus being the key to success of such an approach.

  • Privatization and Public-Private Partnerships (PPP)

    Sometimes, the government of any country is facing with financing gaps or holds unprofitable assets that require capital infusion and a performant management. In these circumstances, privatization and / or partnerships with the private sector may constitute viable methods in order to obtain additional financial resources for the implementation of development projects. We provide technical assistance services for this purpose by collaborating with companies / technical experts with recognized specialized competences.

  • Public Policies

    We provide technical assistance meant to support the authorities’ efforts in designing and implementing legislation that streamline the interaction between the business environment and local and central authorities, allowing the exploitation of creative energies of citizens and companies within Romania in the context of sustainable development guidelines established at European level through Europe 2020 Strategy. The debureaucratization process, simultaneously with the promotion of policies to boost growth represent the centerpiece of the programming period 2014-2020.

  • Studies and impact assessments

    Through the assessment services that we provide, we participate in the studies development process aimed to measuring the impact of policies applied in different fields and we measure the achieved results through implementation of projects included in sectorial / regional / local development strategies

  • Improving the performance of public organizations

    Improving competences of human resources in local and central public administration in order to provide sustainable benefits in an efficient and effective manner leads to substantial efficiency and effectiveness gains for public act. We provide specialized services by organizing courses, debates, conferences and knowledge transfer while benefiting from the support of our international partners to apply the best practices in this field of activity.

  • Management of projects and programs

    We provide, for local and central authorities, multidisciplinary teams with the ability to manage the implementation of complex consulting projects according to timetable and budgets approved.

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